Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lydia and Weekly Organization

Hi! I'm sorry I've been gone. School started and I didn't have time but I have some time this morning.

My best friend, Lydia, is an amazing person. She recently moved to New York now and is taking the world by storm.  She's a Beach Body coach, works at 24 Hour Fitness, and is one of the most talented vocalists in the world. She has a blog with the intent to motivate people towards a healthy lifestyle and fitness. She recently posted about refocusing your life here. I'm so happy she found a new system that is working for her. She talks about how our weekly goal lists weren't working because it ended with us feeling like a failure if we didn't accomplish everything on that list.

I love Lydia's idea of refocusing but I do my own version of it. I start each week with a list of all the things I have to do such as homework or work and I also put things down that I don't necessarily HAVE to do but would like to do towards the bottom and I love the feeling of crossing things out on my list and throwing the paper away at the end of the week. Sometimes looking at the calendar on my phone or iCal on my computer, I might miss something, so having a physical list to look at keeps me up to date on assignments, work shifts, and plans I've made with friends.

Which organizational system works best for you? Are you a tech person like Lydia or more of a paper and pen person like me? Lydia and I are always looking for new ideas to help us stay organized and we'd love to hear how you keep track of your life!