Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning...

Im a foodie with some major problems  favorite thing-cheese.  Guess whose lactose intolerant?  Love french bread and pastries but gluten intolerant.

When I started college in 2007 I was heavily influenced by coworkers and friends to eat healthier. It started slowly. Brown rice. More fruit. At the end of freshman year I did a monthlong food challenge of the raw food diet. 

Sophomore year I started working for a family that's super healthy. Organic always. No preservatives. No corn syrup. No aspartame or sucrolose. No MSG. Large amounts of fruit and veggies with every meal. I started to take on those lifestyle changes. However, I'd cheat a lot. About a month and a half ago we started researching gluten. I learned I'm gluten intolerant and after reading about the effects of gluten we all went gluten free. 

This is my story of finding foods that fit my dietary restrictions without giving up the yum factor. 

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