Monday, July 25, 2011

Honolulu Zoo

This summer, my calabash cousin was visiting from California. (Calabash cousin-family friend who might as well be your cousin and you consider them a blood cousin, even though they're not).

One night we were driving down Paki Street and I said, "Look at that giraffe!" And she was amazed and confused to see a giraffe over the top of the hedge while driving down the street in Honolulu. She asked if we could go to the zoo and take pictures and I was down to go have fun and do something I rarely do.

 A really nice lady took our picture.

I decided to climb the giraffe statue.

Rusty and Violet.

Cutest sleeping hippo ever!

With beautiful Diamond Head (Leahi) in the background!

Adorable giraffe snacking on the tree.

Koi Pond in the Children's Zoo

It was ridiculously hot. Bring lots of water. It was a blast and I strongly recommend going to the Honolulu Zoo if you're in the area.

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