Thursday, August 11, 2011

7:45 am

7:40- Wake up.
8:00- Physical Therapy about 4 or 5 miles down the road. I have 5 minutes to brush my teeth, change, and rush out of the house. Then I realize, Mom has my car.

Nakita: Daddy, Daddy, I'm sorry I'm waking you up but can I borrow your car?
Dad: I was listening to the doctor. You're not allowed to drive.
Nakita: Okay then, can you take me to PT please?
Dad: I am sleeping.
Nakita: Okay, so I'm going to borrow your car.

10:00-Sitting on the couch watching TV.
Nakita: Good morning, Dad. Thanks for letting me borrow your car.
Dad: When did you borrow my car?


Pseudo said...


Me: You're on bed rest today right? So, Keets, can I borrow your car?

You: Mmmmmm Sure. Just can you buy my arm sling at Long's on your way home from work?

8:30 AM very upset voice mail from you on my phone: MOOOOOOOMMMMMM!! why would you take my car without asking!!! I need to go to Long's and buy an arm sling!!

Nakita said...