Friday, August 12, 2011

Things I've Learned Wearing My Arm Sling

So I tore the cartilage in my shoulder therefore damaging a bunch of nerves and tendons or whatever in my arm and neck. They told me to wear an arm sling, not drive, and gave me Vicodin.

1. EVERYONE you see at work, Starbucks, Zumba, and everywhere inbetween will come up and ask you what you did. It goes something like this:
"I tore the cartilage in my shoulder"
"My goodness! Did you fall?"
"I'm 22, not 80! I did NOT fall!".. okay I don't say that, I think that. And say something like, "No, it's from hurting it and then just going on with my life instead of going to the doctor." or "Kayaking" or "Work". All these answers are true. I answer depending on how I feel.
And then they say something encouraging.

2. If you are injured but haven't gone to the ER yet and your shoulder hasn't reached the point where you can't move, it just hurts to do stuff, and you're in Zumba and you stop to stretch. People look at you like "Why is one of the youngest girls in the class winded?"

However, if you have an arm sling, everyone comes up and congratulates you on being a trouper and coming to class. After they ask you what happened. And if you fell.

3. People tip you at least 20% if you're injured and at work. They feel bad for one armed waitress. And they act shocked when you bring an entire tray of food and do everything with just your right arm.

4. If you wear the arm sling, your neck starts to hurt. But if you don't wear the arm sling, you think it might be better to just chop off your arm because that would hurt less than trying to keep your arm in sling position.

5. I thought the whole rest, don't do anything except go to work would be easy. Sit and watch TV. Apparently I get stir crazy

6. If I take a Vicodin, and I'm laying on my couch resting because my room is a disaster, and How Do I Look? doesn't come on. I cry. Because apparently I cry whenever I'm disappointed when I'm on Vicodin. And then my dog licks my face. Which makes me feel better.


Anonymous said...

Dogs now how to make everything better.
Hope it heals soon. xo

Nakita said...

Thanks! I hope so too! Also, your comment was the most exciting part of my day so far! I was like OMG I GOT A COMMENT ON MY NEW BLOGPOST!!!!!!!! and then realized no one was around to hear me say that. And I was talking to myself.

Pseudo said...

It's like you are back to school early with all this learning Keets!

Christy said...

also wearing a sling makes it painfully obvious (literally) that slings were designed to be worn by men. With lots of upper body strength and NO BOOBS. When i had to wear one while teaching, I dragged a desk over, stacked 6 world history books on top of it, and propped the arm on top of them while I taught class. It was the only way it wasn't more painful than my hurt arm.

Lisa said...

this is a really cute post. it makes me smile. and the ending is perfect. i hope it will heel soon Nakita.

Brian Miller said...

yikes..hope it heals soon..glad you are making the best of it...smiles.

Nakita said...

Thanks guys and the sling isn't too bad. Well, now that I have a neck cushion thing on it.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I especially love when people try to tell you how you reacted.
"Wow, you must have cried". Really?
Hope your arm gets back to Zumba mobility soon!

Mama Badger said...

You need to have more fun with people. "I injured it beating off crazed old ladies at the park!" "I injured it while saving a whale on the beach." Even better, change it up. Especially if someone who heard the reason once is nearby to hear the changed reason. People's reactions will take your mind off the pain.

Hope you're back to normal soon, though.

Nakita said...

Thanks! Sprite's Keeper. I've been going to Zumba but it's been hilarious watching me, I'm sure since I don't use my upper left side of my body.

Mama Badger-Thanks! And with people I know I'm totally having fun making up stories. Since it happened during Shark Week I kept telling people I wrestled a shark in honor of Shark Week and I won the fight.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Stopping by from Pseudo's. A one armed witress is very impressive and deserves an extra tip in my book! As a former waitress I know its not east carrying a full tray with TWO arms. Take it easy and feel better soon.

Nakita said...

Thanks Joanna!