Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mail with Two Fake Adults

Nakita: I'm surprised Mom didn't immediately rip up this credit card offer.
Little Brother: Oh, Mom AND Dad said I have Jury Duty. Look at these envelopes.
(2 Jury Duty envelopes with names of people we don't know)
Nakita: I don't think YOU have jury duty so much as some people who used to live here do.
LB: No! I KNOW they wouldn't lie to me. We have to find it.
LB: ...Maybe, they put fake names. So the murderer can't know who is judging them.
Nakita: I doubt that.
LB: No! I'm sure of it!
Nakita: I'm pretty sure it's a federal offense to open someone else's mail.
LB: No, I'm sure they just put a fake name here and I'll know when I open it that it's for me.
Nakita (as he opens the letter): Yeah, that's realistic.
LB: Nope. Not mine. I guess no jury duty?
Nakita: Guess not...
LB: What are the chances of two people with completely different names getting jury duty who supposedly live at the same address at the same time?
Nakita: It's a conspiracy.

Walk away as the little bro sits contemplating the possible conspiracy.

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