Sunday, August 7, 2011

5 Things I Love Right Now

1. Instagram. It is my favorite app. It's like twitter for iPhone users. And no words. Only pictures. I love it. They have all these awesome tints you can use.

2. Grande iced non-fat coconut lattes. If you put $5 on your card in the morning before Zumba, you get a treat receipt and then after 2, on your way to work you get a $2 iced coffee. Best deal ever. I save $2.

3. Shell Bangles. They're pretty bomb. My cousin is making me more so I can have a wrist full of fun bracelets.
(Please don't look at my awful chipped nail polish. Thanks. :) )

4. Zumba. It is SO. MUCH. FUN! I was really scared to go. I went once and I got hooked. Best part of my day.
This is my Zumba teacher! I love her! Watch the video of her class! You can see how we have class on the marina and what Zumba is like!

5. Sun Bum Lip Balm. It goes on super smooth, has SPF, and smells like a banana slurpee. Woohoo!!

What are your favorite things this summer?


Mike said...

well I don't use any of those! lol

Brian Miller said...

bux is the best for sure...and love that deal...

Anonymous said...

Zumba is very very fun.

Nakita said...

Otin-that's okay. What are your favorite things?

Brian-I used to be really into going to one-of-a-kind coffee shops (which I still am). Except, where we live now, the locally owned coffee shop sucks. So, unless I want to drive half an hour to get coffee Starbucks is my only choice. And I love the Koko Marina Starbucks. They're all so nice!

Formalyonlyamovie-Super fun!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just started Zumba on Wii. I totally kicked his butt. :-)
We don't have many coconut latte choices here in Florida, but Chai seems to be the big thing here.

Mama Badger said...

Wait, there's Zumba on the Wii? Damn, I'm so old I don't even know how to use my Wii. I do love Zumba, though.

And the treat receipt? Now that I'm a gold star member (hides face in shame), it's even better ;)

Oh, and how does one obtain those bangles?

Nakita said...

If you contact Drift Boutique they'll ship one to you!! Ask for Laura or Ale and tell them I sent you! :)

Drift Boutique: 808.284.1177